Clinical data essential to the Machine Learning applied to medicine

MIMIC-III: clinical data available to researchers

The MIMIC-III database is available free of charge: the dataset consists of approximately 47000 unique patients with more than 650000 diagnoses. Each patient and diagnosis is composed of a rich list of attributes including patient demographics, medication lists, diagnostic history and other potentially predictive medical characteristics in patients.

Overview of the MIMIC-III database
XGboost trained with MIMIC-III

Model creation from MIMIC-III Clinical Database

Using MIMIC-III Clinical Database, researchers can develop a regression logistic model to assess the impact of demographics on hospital mortality.

MIMIC-III Clinical Database extract
Linear Regression trained with MIMIC-III Clinical Database

Diversity and typology of clinical data

All providers and health acts are likely to generate data used to train machine learning models :

  • Unstructured data : used with Deep Learning algorithms (CNN, RNN).
Nurses notes
Discharge Summary
3D images

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